Digital Marketing Channels

Calgary SEO For Your Business

You may very well have the best products and seo services in your market but the fact is, it doesn’t matter if customers don’t know about them.  This is why businesses need search engine optimization marketing.  online Marketing lets potential customers know about how your products and services are better than the competition and how they can make their lives easier.

Digital Marketing Channels

Marketing has changed though and tradition marketing has moved to the digital world.  Here’s an overview of the digital marketing channels used by digital marketing agencies and some search engine optimization information in Calgary 

Search Engine Optimization in Calgary

Working with a digital marketing agency with the goal of ranking your site high in the Google search page results.  The business that has the coveted first spot on the search results page not only gets about 35% of the clicks, they get the bulk of customers.  That makes SEO central to almost every digital marketing campaign. uses keywords that people search for on Google to rank for and ultimately bring customers to your website.  Here’s a longer explanation on why you need Calgary SEO.

Social Media Marketing

Social media gives you the chance to interact individually with customers and potential customers.  It has been a tremendous help in bringing your brand to the public.  These are platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, and as an advertising platform the result are second to none.  You can laser target your ads to get them in front of your ideal customer.

Email Marketing

Email marketing offers a great return on your investment and costs almost nothing to run.  Your website captures the name and email address of visitors, and with this contact information you can keep in contact with your customers.  You can introduce new products or services or just inform them when you have a sale going on.

Display Advertising

This is placing your advertising banners on websites, forums, blog or any other type of website.  It is understood that you place these ads on sites that have incredible amounts of traffic.  The cost is based on how many thousands of people see your ad, that being said this method of advertising isn’t as effective as it once was and for many small business there are better and more effective options.

Content Marketing

This is where you create incredibly useful content and that in turn attracts visitors to your website.  Think of a blogger, they create posts that are engaging and draw the reader in.  You can use this strategy to position yourself as an “authority” or the go to guy in your field.  It’s an extremely effective long term strategy no matter the industry you’re in.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is where you pay an advertiser, usually Google, to show up at the top of the first page when someone searches for a keyword.  When someone clicks on your ad that is when you are charged.  You typically bid on these spots and depending on how competitive the marketplace is it can be very expensive.  However you will only pay for traffic that is driven to your website.

These are just some of the options that are open to you when you work with a digital marketing agency, most will use a combination if not all of them to generate leads and revenue to your business.

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